An Insane Passion

for Smoked Jerky

Passion Meets Obsession

An Insane Passion

for Smoked Jerky

Passion Meets Obsession

Jason Johnson - Master Chef behind the game changing taste of Bucking Bull Jerky

Jason’s a Red Seal Chef and has been a chef for over 15 years and developed his passion for  smoked meats about 6 years ago.  Steadily fine tuning tastes and textures and creating completely original flavours.

Everything from Pancetta to farmer’s sausages, bacon, smoked wings, pepperoni and, of course, beef jerky. This is where it become a business. 

When Jay’s not prepping briskets, butts, candied salmon and mixing his other-worldly concoctions of marinate, you’ll find him quietly meditating beside the smoker conjuring up the best jerky known to man.

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Wade Pearse - The wearer of many hats. Except in photos apparently...

Wade has been in the marketing space on and offline for over 20 years. Spending the last 18 years in the online digital marketing world. Like a mad scientist he tests concepts, strategies & marketing ideas.

The goal?  Make Bucking Bull Jerky the benchmark that all other jerky is measured against.

When he’s not spending every waking moment working on this bold conviction, you’ll find him (or maybe not find him) down another marketing rabbit hole looking for another “light bulb” moment.


About Bucking Bull Jerky

What all started as a hobby for making the boldest tasting smoked jerky we could dream up, turned into a business focused on satisfying demanding taste buds everywhere!

Our raving fans say we  crafted a jerky that tastes the way they’d always hoped  jerky would taste. The way jerky should taste!

Check out some reviews here!

Our passion is our vision: Make a handcrafted, superior jerky that gives you a high protein snack that lingers in your memory after the unforgettable taste subsides…

Seeing and hearing the joy from you and everyone who experiences our jerky (and it IS an experience!) is the fuel that keeps  Bucking Bull Jerky kicking!
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Thick Cut Alberta Beef

We NEVER dehydrate or air dry our jerky!

Always Smoked to Perfection!

Always smoked, never dehydrated!

The main difference between what you get with Bucking Bull Jerky and virtually every other jerky you’ve tried is this:

We don’t air-dry or dehydrate ANY of our jerky. We custom smoke every piece using Applewood Chips. And we never use liquid smoke!

Why does this matter?

You know when you bite into a piece of jerky and it feels & tastes like you’re chewing shoe leather?! That NEVER happens with Bucking Bull Jerky!

We only use Alberta beef. Thick cut & perfectly smoked. This crafts our incomparable taste and texture. Tender with just the right amount of chewiness.

Take a chance and grab some of our jerky and experience it for yourself. A word of warning though:  You may end up being a  part of our community of Bucking Bull fanatics!

Thank you for being a part of the community

Being a great company starts with having a strong community focus. Supporting our local community is part of our DNA. We donate to the BC Autism Society using proceeds from every purchase you make of our products.

We want to thank you for allowing us this opportunity.