Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s artisan style. Handcrafted, thick cut with a tender chewiness. We use Alberta beef in all our smoked meat products

Dehydrating is the standard approach to making jerky and makes up over 90% of the jerky you’ve likely had. It ends up being a drier, saltier and much chewier style of jerky. Sometimes it can be tough as leather and difficult to chew.

Smoking takes more time but creates a wonderful texture with perfect chew and that gentle smoky taste.

We ALWAYS smoke our jerky and never dehydrate. Other FAQ’s will explain why…

Smoking produces a consistently tender chew with that wonderful smoke taste in just the right amount. Never dried out. Overall it is preferred by most jerky fans. Especially when they try ours!

Yes we do! We believe in our product so much we’ll give you a 100% money back guarantee. If there’s another company that does this we haven’t seen them!

We cure every piece with our proprietary marinates. Sometimes for days, depending on the flavour we’re making. This, combined with the perfect amount of smoke, creates what people tell us is the best jerky they’ve ever had.

Never. We don’t like what it does to the meat and taste. We use Applewood Chips. Smoking it does take longer and is more work but the result can’t be compared.

No. It is not our plan to sell in stores anytime soon. We sell here on our website, public farmer’s markets all over the Vancouver area and special events. You can find lour products at some higher end golf courses and other specialty sporting outlets.

We’re located and make all our products in Abbotsford, BC, Canada.

Well that will depend n where YOU live! 😉 We’re local to the Vancouver Fraser Valley area. Abbotsford, BC, specifically.

We use local ingredients like Chilliwack honey, Vancouver Island Sea Salt and as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. We like to think we’re a national company with a local feel because we’re artisan makers at heart.

80 grams for our jerky and 180 grams for the Snack Stix

No, it’s dairy free.

It is Non GMO!